Tuesday, 17 August 2021

And Our Heroes Have Misplaced Their Map - research

 I was invited to visit Gloam gallery in Sheffield, which is curated by a group of artists, including Stu Burke, for a private view. 

So I decided to use some respite funds to make a day trip out of Lincoln, to see some other art exhibitions in Sheffield, now that galleries are open again :-)

The first stop was Site Gallery, for coffee, and the Heavy Water Platform 20 exhibition.

Victoria Lucas


The idea here of carefully curating particular film stills from what would ordinarily be moving images, now frozen in the moment, those particular moments, to stop and look at in more detail, and the idea of watching a film in a motel room on location, is really interesting:

Dirk Bell's use of double exposure here mirrors my earlier research into Imagine, and how the Imagine album cover was created:

This piece below, entitled Wallpaper, again appeals to the concept of the simulacrum, as it looks like a vintage landscape photograph, but is a poster on the wall of a cafe, which almost mirrors the lyrics from A-ha's The Blue Sky:

"There are no girls in here
As far as I can see
Only faded posters
Looking down at me
Watching paper cups of coffee
Growing cold before my eyes
All the things I see
That make me realise
I'm in this big world without you
Nothing to my name
Oh, I never knew that
Blue sky meant such pain"

Gloam gallery is a small artist-led gallery and studio space next door to a pub, not far from Bloc Projects. It has some studios where Sheffield based artists work, and exhibitions are supported by Arts Council England.
It is hoped that I may be able to exhibit work there with support and funding, for a solo show of Lost Dreams.
The exhibition was by Flo Main. My favourite of her paintings was this figurative work, which caught my eye, and reminded me of Sarah Lucas

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Imagine if Grantium was fit for purpose! Ha!

Let's imagine that Grantium was fit for purpose, and I applied for DYCP, and they had accepted my proposal like they should.

Here is the fully realised sound art installation concept for Lost Dreams for Latitude Festival.


The tracks would be played on speakers in the woods near to the BBC Introducing Stage.

A mannequin would have electrodes attached to the head, which would be fed into various equipment - in my original concept, it would be via the keytar. 

This would visually represent the sound waves being produced by my own brain waves. 

But Grantium is not fit for purpose.

I once dreamt that there was a branch of the Nobel Peace Centre in Lincoln.

The empty former train station building at St. Marks would be perfect for the Nobel Peace Centre, Lincoln.

Imagine a Nobel Peace Center in Lincoln!
Imagine if Grantium was fit for purpose!

Respite break vs Grantium stonewalling

 Why do I apply to Grantium knowing it's not fit for purpose?

How is it possible for them to reject a proposal for DYCP?

Respite funds appeared in the bank, and I went away for the first proper respite break since lockdown to visit my sister and experience Latitude Festival!

The iconic Latitude sheep, a live art installation by Amy Cadillac titled Woollen Deity.  

Art Installation titled Ray Of Light by Steve Macleod in the woods at Latitude.

There was a large Steampunk Disgustoscope with video images - this was how I'd imagined the Disgustoscope would be if I had funding. But for some weird reason, no one ever wants to fund my work. I wish they did!

Smurf mode activated

Dregs of Zen...

I really wanted to test out my new camera for the first live music event since lockdown, and who better to do that with than Damon Albarn on the Waterfront Stage! 
This is one of my favourite shots of him with the audience:

Damon Albarn live at Latitude Festival

Damon Albarn live at Latitude Festival

Damon Albarn on The Waterfront Stage

If BBC Radio Lincolnshire play Lost Dreams on the radio, it might be broadcast as part of BBC Introducing...

More live art in the woods at Latitude - inspired me for Lost Dreams!