Monday, 25 July 2016

Norway trip

It's been tough keeping up with work since my youngest son finished college back in May, so work is very intermittent, and has dwindled further now it's the summer holidays.

I'm taking some time out to concentrate on the graphic novel and plan the trip to Norway for the Peace Painting Project.

So far, the Norwegian Embassy have confirmed there's a grant available for a trip to Norway to meet with Catrine to discuss the Peace Painting Project, which is good news, and it's exciting to think I'll soon be off on my travels again to explore a new part of Norway, up in Nordland, where the Peace Painting Project is organised.

Of course, Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose is still exhibited at the IMH in Nottingham until September.

It will be in September now, and I should be able to fly to Trondheim, then take a train and bus up to Bindal. 
This is quite an adventure!

Aside from expecting some magnificent scenery, I am expecting to meet with two Norwegian artists in connection to the Peace Painting Project.


Meanwhile, I'm still continuing with my graphic novel Cloudbusting, and spent last week putting together a proposal for a new experimental piece for Green Man festival to build an actual Cloudbuster as a large scale experimental sculptural piece.