Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Lincoln Simulacrum

For a zero budget exhibition, The Lincoln Simulacrum was installed.

With a group of artists blagging laptops, projectors, materials and time, the exhibition was installed, and a Wewillgather cashmob was set up to recover some costs.

The private view went particularly well, with performances by artists Rebecca Willoughby and Peter Rollings' Experimental Sonic Machines. 

I exhibited selected work from my graphic novel, alongside sound work from the last digital collaboration with Apparatjik, and images from my trip to Oslo.

I haven't been commissioned to produce any new work, instead, I'm struggling to survive at all, either as an artist, certainly as a single parent, and that isn't conducive to creativity. 

I feel as though the work was good, it went well, but it was only a test. Compared to the ambition of my ideas, it was nowhere near.

However, the alternative would've been to not have done anything at all, and that is what non-creatives want. They want to break my spirit. Advice has been to give up self-employment and go and do some other job instead - this only makes me more determined to continue, to fight against this false dichotomy. 

All information and images are in this blog

The good news is that I've been offered a paid role with Lincoln Inspired Festival, and I'm still pushing for opportunities that generate an income for myself and other artists. I'm hoping that in some way I'll definitely be included in Frequency Festival next year. In a conversation yesterday it was noted that I'm still only involved in "fringe" events - it really does beggar belief as to how I can do so much yet I'm still not accepted into any proper role within the arts.

Is it any wonder that I still don't feel part of any of it? Yet I still somehow get recommendations for art on Linked In from fellow artists and arts professionals - I genuinely don't understand why!! 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Lincoln Simulacrum

After a stressful few weeks of single parent nightmares, somehow or another something is coming together for the Outer Trial Bank project and an LAN installation.

I've been working hard for the LAN, developing Viking Biking Expeditions and The Birds workshop, where artists were invited to make cardboard bird wings and beaks to create a flock of birds that migrates around the city for a Viking Biking Expedition during and after The Lincoln Simulacrum exhibition!

"Cow twerking"
"Cow twerking" - guerilla art interaction along The Viking Way

The Birds workshop

Apparatjik disco bike

We're very busy constructing a Cube - after thinking it wouldn't be possible, some kind of DIY Cube is happening, and preparations are afoot to exhibit work by several artists for The Lincoln Simulacrum, which coincides with Frequency festival, but is not funded by Frequency, and I cannot endorse any form of workfare, so this is why I'm going ahead with it as an artist-led independent fringe event.

I'm also working on an Apparatjik Disco Bike, which is intended as a sculptural piece that I hope might be exhibited in various hotels at a future date....