Wednesday, 26 March 2008

This is the working front cover for the comic book.
An opportunity has arisen for a potential exhibition as a separate body of work, so I've been busy making a proposal for the interest of Magne Furuholmen and Paul Stolper gallery.

Several pages for the comic book have been created, but are in the process of being adjusted to fit an evolving storyboard.
I will upload images when they've been converted to jpegs, but because they're still in the process of editing, they remain as photoshop files which I'm working on. It means that I can't really upload any images of the work in progress.

Also, the last tutorial I had has made everything feel completely futile for me right now. I'm on my Easter break. I'm getting work ready for Art Practice And Professional Context submission - more faffing about instead of doing actual work.

I got more useful advice speaking to an illustration tutor about the way the comic book will look; currently it looks a lot like a graphic novel. I wouldn't mind, but it needs to look like a comic, so I need to source some appropriate paper to print onto.

I have re-instated my a-n blog in the Degrees Unedited section. I copied the best bits of this blog over ;-)
I'm in the process of working out how to set up this webcast. It seems fairly straightforward.