Monday, 19 September 2016

Back To Work

Due to slight delays, the Norway trip is postponed until November, which gives me time to properly plan it without other distractions.
I will now be in Hell on Hallowe'en! But luckily, Hell means "luck" in old Norse.

I've been invited to an Open Call for an empty shop  project for artworks made from discarded materials, so I am working on a proposal for this.

For this work, a Guy has been constructed from the shredded remains of a mis-sold Orange business mobile phone contract from 2012, and old clothes.
He will become disgraced BHS owner Sir Philip Green (or as some have dubbed him, Sir Philip Greed). An anonymous mask has been fleshed out with packing material to make the head.

Sir Philip Green / Greed
Penny For The Artist?

I am hoping to source a wheelbarrow to make into his yacht, the BHS Destroyer!!
The Hallowe'en section of The Range has every colour wig possible - except Sir Philip Green's hair!!

My fingernails are still bitten to shreds, but this news might help to ease some worries - been panicking over Tax Credits as Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith hasn't sold - I'm panicking that by the end of A Journey exhibition it still won't be sold, and my overdraft remains to taunt me until Christmas.

In other news, see my ad in the Lincolnshire Reporter