Monday, 15 February 2016

KAWS exhibit at YSP

I currently have my own illustration exhibition on at Wilgress Books, along with a Kickstarter campaign ongoing via my Illustration blog, so LAN work is continuing with behind-the-scenes admin.
The main thing for this is that fellow LAN artist Sam Bartlett has lent me the use of his spare iMac. It's a temporary measure until a funding application is successful so that I can purchase my own up to date iMac.
It means that I can work to my full capacity, instead of being forced to compromise the quality and ability of my practice to 1990s standards.

I'd been aware of the KAWS exhibition at YSP since its opening, and it looked so good that I thought it was worth a look.
Sam and I discussed it, and he offered me a lift. Neither of us had been to YSP before, so it was a good excuse to go and see the KAWS exhibit  along with some Bill Viola, Antony Gormley, BobandRobertaSmith, and not bothering with any of the ubiquitous and boring stuff. (Henry Moore) 

We could've gone any day, however, we went on Valentines Day. 

Ai Wei Wei's Iron Tree, 2013. 
Constructed of casts of parts of different trees.

Ai Wei Wei's tree is situated outside the chapel, where it rusts away like the abandoned hull of a sunken ship.

Inside the chapel is Bill Viola's Tristan and Isolde inspired video installation, Tristan's Ascension and Fire Woman - I was too immersed in them, so I've shared some videos from others on Youtube here

Here's an interview with Bill Viola about the inspiration for Tristan and Isolde:

It's best to go and see this video on the large screen in the chapel at YSP for the context.

All of the following are KAWS unless otherwise stated

Antony Gormley's One And Other

Galloping Horse, Julian Opie, 2012 - still from animation

Small snippet of Julian Opie's "Galloping Horse" animation on my Youtube channel.


Niki de Saint Phaile - Buddha


Sophie Ryder 

La Llarga Nit - Jaume Plensa