Friday, 25 November 2011

I didn't get around to illustrating Borges further, as I was invited to some events for Frequency Digital Arts Festival, for which I've blogged here and here.

I've also been busy organising other things, and was accepted for Cash For The Community funding, so I've been promoting this.

This week I attended an AIR Insights event at Surface gallery in Nottingham, went to look at a potential empty shops space and discuss plans for that, and applied for Bend In The River for a new animation project, all the while following up trying to source funding for the Apparatjik project.

So I've obviously been busy, and my inspiration for illustrating Borges has given way to an offer of a free stall in the indoor market for the Christmas Market, and catching up with people again now that I have a new phone. Well, not new. I bought a handset and have a SIM only contract for a fiver a month, with the lovely Virgin mobile so back to normality as we get the court case going against Orange. 

Steep Hill has been awarded the best street in the UK accolade, so I've been doodling it for new Christmas card designs. 
Next week I've been invited to AIRTIME at University, and an EMVAN meeting amid preparations for the Christmas Market.