Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Birds

I've been addicted to The Birds since I saw Lowell + Apparatjik perform live in Oslo, and I imagined an animated video inspired by Andrzej Klimowski's The Depository, white on blackboard background; a bit.... Mew. And I really want to animate that, but the kids are off for half term and have spent most of the time moaning, making more mess than they tidy, and then disappearing.

I've been overworking myself, and not being paid enough to show for it - as usual.
The Mail Art Exhibition seemed to attract a lot of interest, especially from passers by - postcards with messages on were attached to the window so that, in theory, people could see both sides.
After a disappointing start, stupid "handling fees" added by the Post Office, who seemingly can't even be bothered to deliver Mail Art, and an even more disappointing disruption caused by my eldest son being temporarily suspended from school, (for an issue that has been described as "trying to crack a walnut with a sledgehammer") otherwise I was pleased with how it went.

There was a steady trickle of visitors, some very positive feedback, and a few submissions from Lincoln artists to add to the ongoing work.

But my ability to not switch off went into overdrive when I reinstated Magne Furuholmen's Alpha Beta postcards back on the lounge wall, and it made me come up with this Nordic pixel heart Christmas card design, made out of old Christmas cards - I wish I could stop working on things, but I keep getting inspired to do things, as if I don't already have enough things to do, and not enough time or funding to do everything I really want to. 

Recently, I applied for International Artists' Travel bursary, because I hope to go back to Oslo again as soon as is humanly possible.
I just missed the October deadline, so that means I now have to wait until February to find out if that's successful.

It's annoying that I know Magne has an utstillling "Bouquet" in Asker that I won't be able to make, and there seem to be a lot of exciting things happening in Oslo that I can't be there for.

I wish I could always have expenses covered for travel etc, things would be so much easier, and it'd count as "wages".