Thursday, 22 October 2009

Alice In Wonderland exhibition

As well as being an artist, an illustrator and a lone parent, I've set up the Lincoln Artist's Network as a group for graduate talent and artists in Lincoln, funded by a bursary via Enterprise Inc at Sparkhouse Studios.

The LAN has been slow to get going, partly due to delays with the Summer Holidays and funding, but we exhibited work for the Summer Gala alongside my own Lady Of Shalott work, and we're now working on an Alice In Wonderland themed exhibition to exhibit in collaboration with Lincoln Odeon for the release of the Tim Burton film in March 2010.

I am in the process of creating a proposal for new work for this, work which will draw from the Lady Of Shalott, and will no doubt involve animating dolls.

I've been accepted onto the AA2A scheme at University, which means I can access facilities such as using the imacs and Flash for animation, sewing machines, and I receive a small payment to cover materials and/or childcare.

It will enable the LAN to have a continued presence at Greestone again, although I do attend the artist's talks at The Collection which are organised for lectures anyway ;-)