Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Art Party Conference

Last weekend, I had loads of fun at The Art Party Conference in Scarborough

crossing the Humber Bridge on the way to The Art Party Conference

Beware these crafty ravens, trying to force you to part with £s!
Of course, being a blackbird, I'm not normally a huge fan of ravens, but nice brolly :-) I didn't buy a mask, because I already have one of my own :-)

Throw stuff at small effigies of the Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP!
Karen Thompson's Goveshy was such fun! Many artists really went for it throwing stuff at Gove's multiple heads!

Big hello to the very welcoming and friendly Arts Emergency lady that was doing zines.

There was much art manifesto writing going on with Airspace gallery's Pigdogandmonkeyfestos, which reminded me of Foundation Art at Boston college with Andy Black 
This will become part of an exhibition at Airspace gallery in Stoke-on-Trent 3rd May to 7th June 2014, so we might have to go for a trip to see what happens to them!
a-n were there doing AIRtime, which included the most best maltesers cake - here's Susan Jones' latest article for The Art Party Conference.  

The Rt. Hon Michael Grove MP
BBC news coverage

The Rt. Hon Michael Grove MP being challenged on his policies
Bob And Roberta Smith
Bob and Roberta Smith's STEAMPUNK manifesto for art and education

The Rt. Hon Michael Grove MP - booooo!!!

Message from Jeremy Deller for all his critics!

We asked Jeremy Deller to write a note to Becky's Dad. We explained that Becky's Dad was at the battle of Orgreave, and subsequently hates Jeremy Deller's work "The Battle Of Orgreave". This is the note Jeremy wrote for him :-)