Friday, 27 August 2010

Gallery Girl

I've just read Wendy Holden's Gallery Girl, as I saw her talking about it and saw that it was about the art world, and she had a rather large pair of pants, so that swung it.
Not my usual type of thing, a bit too "chick lit" for my liking, a bit "soapy" and far too much pointless sex babble, I guess designed to appeal to a certain market, but nonetheless, my familiarity with the locations, language, connections and types of event kept my interest, especially as I was a Plinther, and there was a nod to that. The usual Whistler vs Ruskin arguments relating to art were highlighted by the scope and scale of artist characters. By the end, parts started to mirror my own life, so for that reason it's good, although I've yet to reach the same conclusion as the book, which finished very abruptly.

A very perspicuous plotline that gained momentum towards the end, but came as no surprise.
It's definitely worth a read, especially as insight for non-artists.