Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Upcoming exhibition

Good news! My Van Gogh style painting Portrait of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose  has been selected to be exhibited at the Institute Of Mental Health via City Arts in Nottingham next month

It's been four years since I won the Headhunters competition to go to Oslo back in 2012 to see Apparatjik perform live at the opening of the AFM, and I'm returning to check out Magne Furuholmen's latest project at Fornebuporten as well as to visit Ekebergparken, which is where Edvard Munch was inspired to paint The Scream. 

I regrettably couldn't be in Oslo earlier this week for a Peace Painting event at Radhuset, however, I'm looking forward to visiting the Nobel Peace Centre again, with new works Peace Cloud and Syria Is My Only Home along with Matthew Barney at the AFM, and Stian Andersen's photos of music icons - I have a packed itinerary!!

With recent news of hotel strikes in Oslo, I've managed to find an alternative place to stay via AirBnB, which is a new thing!!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Things I Am Not Applying For

Below is a list of art "opportunities" / "jobs" I'm very busy not applying for.

Holmfirth Artwork

All proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Nothing for artists themselves, who clearly have no bills to pay at all.

A slave lottery

Work may or may not be selected, and then there's no payment.

Rich people only

If you have £995 + VAT, perhaps languishing in an offshore tax haven, you could apply for this.
If you would like to be paid to create something innovative, or have a proposal for new work that will cost more than £995 + VAT to produce, forget it.

Tempting, but entry fees are off-putting

What guarantee is there that I will recover the cost? In a week after I've paid all the bills, and every £15 entry fee just gets added to an ever-growing list of exhibitions that are happy to take money, but not to refund it if work isn't selected.