Friday, 21 January 2022

Sleep Piece For Yoko Ono


Sleep Piece is a new piece I have submitted to A Space Arts' Open Call for International Women's Day

It's part of Lost Dreams, and will be available for auction unframed.

The instructions are for Yoko Ono to repeat the experiment in Lost Dreams.

So, the outcome of my son's ESA assessment was that they have decided that he is no longer "eligible".
They have cut off all his income, and are forcing him to apply for the hated Universal Credit.
In my logical mind, it would make sense to continue to pay it until he has this in place, but they are evil.
So now my time is wasted making sure they don't fuck this up, and dealing with the fallout. 
I was hoping that by now, we would have a proper prime minister, and an end to this nightmare, but still it goes on.

I didn't get the Peace Painting funding. 
However, I do have a couple of commissions in the pipeline, and some positive feedback from a client last year, with some posters I illustrated due to appear around the city, which I hope will generate more commissions.

I'm still trying to recover some stolen income through NFTs. 
I'm not interested in criticism of NFTs, as it's a new thing for artists, as Jerry Saltz states, like any art form, there are bound to be bad NFTs, but I'd rather be the one earning any income from them than someone stealing my work to mint and the income once again going elsewhere. It's high time artists DO earn a living for digital art!

So if this may also become an NFT, to generate more income following the auction.

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