Monday, 7 November 2016

Norway trip Peace Painting Workshops - Torsdag

Sunrise in Herøy

The Seven Sisters from Tone's hus
The Seven Sisters are a mountain range normally enjoyed from a fjord cruise.

This mountain looks like a man's face

With artist / kunstneren Tone Toft

Tone, Bjorn and myself


In Tone's studio / atelier, in an old school

In Tone's studio / atelier

Peace Painting on the ferry.

I loved the cartoon style of this Peace Painting on the ferry.
I skolen Herøy, Peace Paintings are exhibited along the corridors at the Bibliotek.

Peace Painting at Herøy skole

Peace Painting at Herøy skole
At the school in Herøy Peace Painting workshops involved a group of fourteen year old refugee boys from Afghanistan. 

En norsk bok
They spoke very good Norwegian / De snakke veldig god norsk.

Peace Painting workshop

Peace Painting
This one on the left had the theme of a river with a bridge, going from nothing to a house, which worked well, and reminded me of the style of Philip Guston.

This boy painted a somewhat chaotic house that looks as though it's on fire.
He wasn't happy with it, so he then painted a second painting, in which the same colours were used for the curtains, for a cosier home.

The Northern Lights :-p

We finished Peace Painting to catch the ferry at 4.00p.m.
We learnt that the refugees will have to return to Afghanistan.
On the drive back to Catrine's, we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.
Unfortunately, my camera isn't good enough to capture them!!

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