Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lincolnshire Digital Conference 2015

This week I've been budgeting the Ayscoughfee proposal for support from Onlincolnshire, organising some workshops for the LAN, and I was invited to attend the Lincolnshire Digital Conference 2015 at The Showroom.

As I'm due to make use of 3D printing technology for my work with Ayscoughfee at some point, it was good to see the latest uses for reproducing the head of a Terracotta Army figure.

Guest speaker Jason Bradbury also attended, with a slightly different talk to the one he presented at last years' alumni event, mainly that he first appeared on a screen mounted on a remote control robotic device, and presented most of his talk on a segway/hoverboard.

He's working on a DeLorean for the upcoming anniversary of Back To The Future this coming October.

Images in the LAN blog here

went to ask a question, accidentally did a selfie

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