Thursday, 26 March 2015

LAN/Onlincolnshire fully funded workshops

I've been very busy organising the LAN/Onlincolnshire workshops as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership at the UoL - hence the Digital Conference.

Today was the last of these, for which I delivered my expertise as an illustrator about graphic novels and self-publishing

A very interesting article today, whilst uploading info, on Mark Leckey - interesting use of 3D printing half of his own body.

The Ayscoughfee proposal has been budgeted and finished to be looked into over Easter, and after the holidays, I'll finally get the chance to go into the Technology Hub and work out ideas. The trouble is that Malcolm has his own theories about some laser cut bird silhouettes to sell in the museum, and in my head I'm thinking more along the lines of Mark Leckey's experimental work, and am more inclined to develop bird characters based on the original collection, similar to the Birdman concept dolls, or something else, but I feel as though I've been discussing this for ages, and just want to actually get on with things and start working properly on this.

All information about the work I've been doing for the LAN is in the blog, with a link to my Illustration blog, so I've been busy!

It's been great to run these at The Collection in the gallery, as part of the current Viewpoints exhibition and discussion, with our live tweeting and contributions included in the LAN blog here.

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