Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Flock Of Birds

I've recently upgraded my phone to an iphone, so I'm testing its capacity for photos and other recordings, however, it lacks storage, so I'm also testing out the use of cloud storage to be able to upload images and store large amounts of data, along with Google + (which I've never found necessary before).

This is for the potential to create stop-motion animations with the iphone, to see if it's possible. 
Here's a test photo of a bench in Nettleham, just outside of Lincoln.
bench at Nettleham
So far having difficulty attempting to update this blog on my iphone, but have found my iphone photos on my mac and have been more successful updating that way.
Videos and animation will take up a lot more memory, so I will need some way to store and upload the data. I can always use my old camera, but I was hoping this way might be more efficient, and I can work more remotely.

Listening to a lot of bird songs lately....

I've been tweeting new articles about about arts funding, and I thought that some could be linked in here for the purposes of professional practice and reference.

Fix The Pipeline For STEAM Talent In The Creative Economy

Paying Artists

Failed Scientist - for my previous work with Apparatjik, and as I consider ideas for Ayscoughfee based around ornithology and taxidermy, and with my current graphic novel being illustrated as a creative experiment in Cloudbusting, Lincoln is the STEAMpunk capital of Europe.

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