Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Angel Of The North / Paying Artists

paying artists

Emily Speed posted a link regarding a well known supermarket chain whose name does not need promoting on my blog, because I'm currently boycotting them, that have mistakenly projected a baguette onto Antony Gormley's much loved Angel Of The North.

I tried to ignore the whole propaganda-esque hideousness of it, and decided it was a photoshopped fake, it'll go away.

However, many a time I've been buying food in supermarkets and not been paid, most recently I could've been one of those making use of foodbanks. I haven't yet needed to use a foodbank, because I'm not currently paying the gas or electricity bill, so the choice between heating and eating is currently set at "eat". 

So I therefore believe that the supermarket involved (or maybe even a rival supermarket) should GIVE us artists our daily bread.

Bill Drummond used a tin of his International Grey paint to paint over a billboard he found morally objectionable in Birmingham.
I do not have a tin of International Grey paint, so I therefore have instead photoshopped a billboard that I find morally objectionable.
I also decided, as a-n and AIR's Paying Artists campaign was being launched, to use this for a new Facebook avatar. I can't change my twitter picture, because my browser is so out of date that it no longer supports Flash.

A while ago I was invited to take part in Lincoln Inspired festival, which is currently on. I don't think Lincoln Inspired supports the careers of the University of Lincoln graduates, as none of the artists involved are University graduates as far as I can tell from picking up a brochure. I haven't been to have a look, as I don't know many of the artists involved. I know two of the artists, neither of them are graduates. Having just been to see the AA2A scheme exhibition at the University ProjectSpacePlus, none of the AA2A scheme artists are participating in this either, so they obviously haven't been invited, even though the standard of work by Tom and Nathan is obviously very good. And inspiring!

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