Thursday, 1 May 2014

In Which Nothing Creative Happens At All

Pinchbeck stocks - Knight Street, Pinchbeck
I never made it to Jeremy Deller's talk at Nottingham Contemporary. 
Another funeral down in Spalding during the Easter holidays, caring for a depressed son with very little support, and a complaint to the gallery manager that resulted in a false promise that something would be done, but in fact, they couldn't identify the member of staff that must've been on CCTV that day, so nothing has actually been done about it.

Pinchbeck - where I grew up
My aim lately has been to meet with the curators of Ayscoughfee Hall to concoct some kind of new work in response to the taxidermied bird collection they have there. I went for a funeral at Spalding Parish Church next door, but obviously it was the last thing I had time to do. 

Lincolnshire fields near Pinchbeck

The trip to Spalding involved a very rickety long replacement bus journey via the B roads of Lincolnshire. And news that my baby nephew had arrived. 
The trains had all been cancelled for signalling updates, and there were, understandably, very few 
My son and I were the only people on the bus from Sleaford to Spalding, which passed through my old home village of Pinchbeck on the way. 

Since Easter, I was invited to the private view for the AA2A Scheme exhibition at the University of Lincoln, where everyone was ridiculously pleased to see me,  and it was nice to see Thomas Cuthbertson's animation, along with Nathan Baxter's space helmet video installation.

I do think that the AA2A scheme would be better if artists were paid to participate. When I took part in it, I was University staff, but I didn't have the salary or pension to go with that.

I've also been strangely invited to attend the exhibition for Opem at The Collection as an "entrant". I never entered this year, as I had far too much going on to waste my time paying the £10 admin fees, for my work to be rejected, and when no one is paying MY admin fees.
At the time, I was barely even in Single Parent Survival Mode at the time, although in hindsight, if I'd have known I didn't need to pay admin fees again, I could've entered the LAN LSM.

There is an upcoming trip to Wales, so I'm hoping to get the chance to see Art Across The City

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