Monday, 27 February 2017

Peace Painting - #O

The second Peace Painting is inspired by thoughts that emerged from the Peace Painting workshops at Priory Witham Academy.
Concepts of trees, wish trees combine with images of doves - most people when they think of peace, just paint a dove, but I witnessed an entire murmuration of starlings recently, so the idea of the tree as a dovecote became the basic concept for this work.

The composition takes the form of a snow globe, with the tree as the land and the sea of the world populated by the flock of white peace doves.
On top of the earth sits Bana Alabed, feeding the doves with stardust, as every girl's wish for peace and world peace.

detail - Bana Alabed sits atop the world feeding stardust to peace doves
It's still a work in progress. 

copyright Helen Dearnley Fine Art 2017

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