Monday, 7 November 2016

Peace Painting in Norway Ønsdag

Waking up to this veldig vakkert landskapp

The drive from Catrine's to visit artist Inger-Hilde Nyrud 

Passing Heilhornet 

Children playing
 Meeting artist / kunstneren Inger-Hilde Nyrud at her home / hjemme and studio / atelier in Bronnoysund. 

Meeting kunstneren Inger-Hilde Nyrud in her home and studio in Brønnøysund 

With Inger-Hilde Nyrud

On the way to Herøy
Waiting for the ferry
There were three ferries to Heroy

Another Norwegian church

The Seven Sisters
 The Seven Sisters (not in Wales!) 
Waiting for the last ferry.

The Seven Sisters

On the ferry to Herøy

Vi gar til Herøy

View of the Seven Sisters from the ferry

Selfie with the Seven Sisters

The evening's meal - courtesy of the Sami people - tusen takk!

Bjorn's tent-making workshop.

Reindeer with lingonberry sauce and homegrown potatoes

Tone and Bjorn live and work in an old school in Herøy

"Lenin" Bjorn spends a lot of time in Russia.

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