Monday, 7 November 2016

Norway trip Mandag / Tirsdag

On Hallowe'en, I flew into Trondheim Vaernes airport on the first leg of the Peace Painting trip to meet Catrine and see the Peace Painting workshops.

Editing The White Poppy For Peace

Arrival at Trondheim Værnes

When life gives you Hell, go here to complain to the manager!

In Hell for Hallowe'en!

It was too wet to stop at Hell jernbanestasjon and God's Expedition

Never answer the phone to anyone called "Indrid Cold"!
The worst thing about being in Hell, was the lack of tea upon arrival!

The next part of the trip involved taking the train / tog fra Trondheim til Grong.
I had time to go into Trondheim and visit Rockheim, so this is in reference to earlier work.

Rockheim in Trondheim

Bridges / pre- A-ha legend

The mixing desk is great for exploring Norwegian bands

Lacking a Take On Me installation for fans...

Photography exhibition by Guido Harari of many bands and musicians.
A-ha in the 1980s - I'm sure these photos graced many an issue of Smash Hits!e

A-ha in the Rockheim Hall Of Fame


The fjord at Trondheim

The fjord near Trondheim
I was fascinated by the way the water melted its way to the shore.

En norsk kirk
By the time I got the bus from Grong, it was dark.

Arriving in Terrak
I was greeted by Jens at the bus stop, and he showed me around Terrak on the way to Catrine's hus.
Catrine's norsk hus
Arriving at Catrine's hus - it was dark when I arrived, so this was taken later. The stars were incredibly clear up in North Norway.

With Catrine for Peace Painting

Meeting Catrine for Peace Painting and hyggelig :-)

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