Monday, 3 October 2016

Peace Painting Project / Norway trip

I finally have everything booked for the Norway trip, so it's exciting!
But I've unfortunately missed Magne Furuholmen and Queen Sonja's exhibition at Paul Stolper Gallery in London.
I'm also missing Queen Sonja in Trondheim, as she is opening Trondheim Kunsthall on 20th Oktober.

This week, Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose has unfortunately not been accepted into Nottingham Castle Open.

I suspect that this is because they expect more than one artwork, and this was a one - off painting.
So I'm off to Nottingham to pick up the work - he is still available for sale at a slightly reduced rate (taking off City Arts' fees).

I have a lot of Bikeability work over the next two months - October to November / December, which is good.
Whilst at Hartsholme Academy, I saw that they have a brand new art room, so I went to have a look at what the kids were creating, with support from TA Amy; looks like the kind of space for Peace Painting :-)

This week, news that people with long term health problems will no longer be subjected to ESA assessments is small fry, compared to the devastation that cuts are still imposing on the most vulnerable.
But I'm feeling overall less stressed than I was. 

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