Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Leonardo Da Vinci at Nottingham Castle

Today I was in Nottingham to pick up Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose from City Arts.
He wasn't selected for Nottingham Castle Open, however, I suspect this is because he's a one - off, and I thought about it, if the Artist As Carer As Artist project is funded, this will give me the opportunity to produce further work, which I can submit along with Ian for next years' Open.

So I got into Nottingham Castle for £2. Adult ticket price is £7. I paid £7, then went to look at the Da Vinci exhibition before it closes later this week.
Here are some photos I took, including obligatory Internet cat pics.

Whilst walking back to the train station, I was collared by some people doing market research, they said there'd be a fiver in it, so I went in, did the market research and got a fiver. 
£5 for 20 mins. Times that by 3 (60 mins) and it's £15 an hour - I could've charged them my artists' day rate, but I did blag some power for my iPhone as well :-)

Cat sheep obviously existed in Leonardo's day.

This reminded me of the Tin Tin shop down the road!

This was how I transported Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose from the train station to home.
Dutch style.

After looking at the Da Vinci work, I spied through some doors to see people busily installing this exciting looking exhibition, and was invited in to have a sneak peek by artist Karina Smilla-Bobinski, so I may return once it's installed to have a look!

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