Thursday, 9 February 2012

For two months now I've been working on the Sheep Stings animation. Initial attempts with the crystal growing kit that was given as a gift at Christmas didn't quite work out to my satisfaction, so a second version was made. I've since decided to add to my Norwegian sheep, a Swedish disco sheep, a Danish Lego sheep, and an English pixellated sheep, and together they will form Apparatjik, or Apparasheep, whichever, so I hope that if this is successful it will support my other work with them. 
Swedish sheep
Danish sheep

British sheep
I can't do any more work today, as it's being edited on son's laptop, which he takes to school, so will do final bits tonight to submit tomorrow. It needs shortening slightly, and music / sound effects, so won't take long. 

I was pleased that someone purchased one of my Red Arrows Valentines Cards yesterday :-)

I also spent a day re-editing my old Illustration degree storyboard for the Ray HarryHausen project brief here. I never usually receive enough votes to win anything on here, but still I go for it!

Apparatjik aren't accepting any more submissions for their album now, and I had planned to finish the half-made disco track in Garageband, but unfortunately suffered a really bad headache and gave up. 
I've contributed a few tracks anyway, here's "Don't Sue Warhol's Banana!" and "Signs Of Daydreaming", and Superpositions/The Particle is due to be added to Frequency Festival's website / blog sometime as well.

The Orange case has gone to court, so we're waiting to find out if we're successful in our attempts to stop capitalist greed from completely ruining our livelihoods. An article in a mobile magazine highlights the issue, however, someone has taken images from the Facebook group to use with it, without my prior knowledge or permission, so I've sent the editor an invoice. I later thought that maybe I'd over-priced it a bit, but the extra is for the inconvenience, and because it's dated November last year.

Looking forward to attending Open AIR: Effecting Change in Colchester on Saturday, should be an exciting event!

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