Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Lady of Shalott / Brothers Quay

Last night I was tinkering around in my studio; I have made a boat for the Lady of Shalott, which still needs finishing elements, but is otherwise taking shape.

The Lady of Shalott doll doesn't stand up. She has articulated wired arms and legs, and sits nicely, but she has no means of support when standing unless I prop her up with a support of some kind.

So I found an old mirror frame, for a small bathroom mirror, in which the mirror itself fell out ages ago. I have taken the doll out of the box to experiment with ways of photographing her on location around the city.

She is now stepping through the mirror frame, upon which I was thinking of attaching more broken mirror shards for that Lady of Shalott drama!

I awoke this morning and was looking at her in the studio, looking like something from the Brothers Quay, and figuring out in my head how to animate her. She firstly needs more heads, and I lament not making her original head detachable so that I can change them for animation purposes. I may adapt her for that reason, but I don't like the idea of messing with the original (and finished) doll.
So I think I'll eventually start to make extra heads and then decide later.

This is inspirational:

I want to have her on my dressing table, in a sewing box, with cotton reels and pincushions, as she is her own tapestry, being a doll and all.... dolls and mirrors.

I wanted to create Brothers Quay type animations during my degree, but never had the time or the technical knowhow to really do it justice.

I'm thinking of The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer as a reference for exhibiting the Lady of Shalott doll for a Brothers Quay style installation at the Summer Gala...

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