Saturday, 13 June 2009

As well as considering The Lady of Shalott, I have been working on optimising my website. And I decided to test whether my metatags are working.
I was also trying to equate in my mind the work I'm doing now with my previous work based on A-ha's Take On Me video.
At first it felt or seemed as though I'm going for a complete departure from it, but fundamentally the philosophy is still the same.

Whilst checking my metatags I came across this piece of Hindu philosophy:

I'm reflecting on my old installation, but also thinking about how it relates to this new work, and philosophically, The Lady of Shalott follows the same train of thought that links Dostoyevsky to Baudrillard, Borges, Philip K Dick, and seemingly all religious theological query.
Fascinating link with the mirror of Maya :-)

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