Friday, 1 February 2008

Take Me On

I recently had a dream that a secret admirer gave me a hug to show me his love. The Take On Me video is a love story.... I am wondering if my version could be a love story of my own; to include the real man of my dreams - who is he? Will it come true??? Will my own love story come true the way that Morten and Bunty's did (even though she left him for Billy Idol; we will be berating that issue later, the cheating little ***!)
Currently robbing screen grabs from the TOM video and working out a storyboard - I need to run this by someone....
I may need an "actor" to play the part of my love interest... but the idea would need to include some way of involving A-ha again.... hmm
I think I will do a couple of storyboards and see which one works... he he!

I'm also considering using some screen grabs from Magne F's webcast last week, in which he performed a live online painting performance (with no one to hold the ladder whenever he went up it, which made me want to climb in the screen and berate him for Health and Safety issues...)
Missed the best bits due to a tutorial, but luckily I have some images I could use.... the idea being that I have something relevant to what they're doing now in the storyboard...

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