Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Group tutorial 28th Nov 2007

I wanted to know what other people thought of these images, whether it comes across as some kind of Pop Art (Warhol) or some obsessive fan, because that is not what this work is about. I didn't receive enough feedback to gauge whether anyone was receiving erroneous "screaming teenage fan" ideas from it, because I am aware how it could be construed that way; this artist was too young to have posters of any one band all over the wall. Sorry to dispel that misinterpretation, but I've never been any good at obsessions.

I was merely playing around with the images, doodling, and as I was doodling images of Morten Harket I was simultaneously doodling whatever thoughts were in my head. Considering I was writing my dissertation simultaneously, the theories I am researching are foremost in my mind.
I wasn't planning on continuing along the Take On Me/ A-ha direction; I was using it as a vehicle to develop further ideas from, however, when I thought about it and discussed it in relation to Baudrillard, I started to receive positive feedback that dispelled any concerns I had that it would end up looking like some kind of obsession.

"The Unreal God And The Aspects Of His Non-Existent Universe" was a Gnostic text that Philip K. Dick came across, the concept of which made him laugh.

Borges - A New Refutation of Time

The general consensus was that there is something more going on with my work, although it's taking its time to develop, however, I have limited time to work on this at present.

If anyone has any further thoughts on this, please feel free to leave a comment, thank you.

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