Tuesday, 2 May 2017

And Our Heroes Have Misplaced Their Map (cont)

My initial Peace Paintings of Bana Alabed etc have been made on cardboard - the use of cardboard reflects the cardboard boxes used by homeless and displaced people.
I imagine that all the pieces of cardboard will be assembled into a sort of shelter made out of many Peace Paintings, so I'm in the process of making various Peace Paintings.
I asked Greg Garry if I could use his photos of Chromeo, and he was kind enough to oblige, said to have fun, so I've been staring at Dave1 for a very long time.... (I aint with it!) and I still have the box my keytar came in, so it seemed obvious to use that.

I decided that rather than paint the images of Syrian children / refugees onto Dave's suit, it should remain pristine white, and other images projected onto it.
So I've cut out the suit shape and printed out the still image from Nik Kershaw's Wouldn't It Be Good video.
The scale of Dave's suit has been deliberately scaled to both fit the box, and an old TV/DVD player upon which I can experiment with images of Syrian ruins.

After checking up on Jean Baudrillard's writings, I'm thinking of painting this photorealistically. I've never been much of a fan of photorealistic painting, but for the purpose of this, this will work as a Peace Painting, and as a piece of digital work.
Because I only have one keytar box, this will be painted onto a separate piece of cardboard to fit on top.

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