Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Peace Painting - funding

I'm now seeking further funding for the Peace Painting project.

Against all instincts, I'm working on an ACE grant application for the Peace Painting project.
Since 2013 I rejected the arts world and its methods of bureaucratically enshrining funding within hallowed bank accounts inaccessible to such lowly artists such as myself.

After 4 years of refusing to engage in what I saw as a form of financial Stockholm Syndrome, I'm struggling to punish myself with this again.

The greater risk is that I won't finish it before Universal Credit is imposed, and I'll be made destitute.
I asked the Citizen's Advice Bureau for the following information:

When is the DWP imposing Universal Credit?
They do not know. 
During recent research, I read that the reason Syrian children seem so calm in beheading videos, is because terrorists rehearse them several times.
I am being kept in the dark about when the financial abuse will happen.
The reason I'm so stressed out is because since I left my financially abusive ex-husband, I've struggled enough to survive as a single parent, I thought a career in the arts would be better, and now this Universal Credit thing is more financial abuse.

I must clarify that the threat of destitution imposed by Universal Credit motivated me to quit the art world, not to produce any work under a system of welfare slavery, however, Article 27 of the Human Rights Act overrides the DWP, so this is what I imagine will happen if I fail:

Everyone who reads this blog will carry on reading it for free at my expense, so I will rarely post. 
I won't post at all if I'm destitute, as I will be unable to survive.
I will be busy in the CAB, or at the police station reporting the DWP and the Arts Council for human rights abuses.

I will have six weeks of financial abuse akin to that of my ex husband, which is why I'm so stressed out.

The doctor has advised me to self refer for counselling. Talking to someone will be another waste of my time, and will not help to put money in my bank account.
It may lead to me being sent to hospital for malnutrition / survival. Which will place further burden on the NHS, and I shouldn't be there.

I will be unable to pay a month and a half's rent. This will cost £770. Every week I will be £300 short of income for food and bills etc. For six weeks.
The total loss will be £2,570. My overdraft has a £2000 limit.

You will all read this blog and not pay a penny.
Or you will stop reading it and look away, because it contains an inconvenient truth that you don't want to hear, or refuse to do anything about.

What I would prefer is that:

1) Someone finally buys Portrait Of Ian Duncan Smith With Bandaged Nose.

2) Someone commissions new work.

3) The Arts Council Grant application is successful.

4) Universal Credit is never imposed, and Universal Basic Income replaces it.

4) You all complain to the UN, or whoever may be able to help - Amnesty for example, that the British government is abusing Article 27 of the Human Rights Act, and that artists are suffering, instead of reading this blog and sitting there stroking your cats and laughing maniacally.

Copy and paste the blog link and send it to the police, tell them a crime has been committed; artists are having their livelihoods stolen.

I'm writing this now while I still can.

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