Friday, 13 May 2016

A Journey exhibition

More info for the upcoming exhibition and private view for A Journey at the Institute Of Mental Health in Nottingham is on my website.

Here's the direct link

Whilst taking Ian Duncan Smith to Nottingham (!) I went to Nottingham Contemporary to see Simon Starling's work, and then to Backlit, to see Black Drop and Venus Mirrors.

I also went to Syson gallery to see what John Newling has been doing since I did my last ever voluntary work with him at The Collection back in 2009. He's still practising, I'm still struggling....

It was good to see Artist As Mother As Artist at Lace Market gallery as well, to see how artists are responding to a theme often overlooked and undermined in the art world. No Woman's Land by Zoo Indigo and Simon Starling both made me think about how journeys and travel can form part of an engaging narrative to work.

Selected works are here

Which is great, if you have the funding to do that...... Not if you look at arts travel funding and then have to fill out a massive form and wait until next year to know if you can do it.

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