Monday, 11 April 2016

Things I Am Not Applying For

Below is a list of art "opportunities" / "jobs" I'm very busy not applying for.

Holmfirth Artwork

All proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. Nothing for artists themselves, who clearly have no bills to pay at all.

A slave lottery

Work may or may not be selected, and then there's no payment.

Rich people only

If you have £995 + VAT, perhaps languishing in an offshore tax haven, you could apply for this.
If you would like to be paid to create something innovative, or have a proposal for new work that will cost more than £995 + VAT to produce, forget it.

Tempting, but entry fees are off-putting

What guarantee is there that I will recover the cost? In a week after I've paid all the bills, and every £15 entry fee just gets added to an ever-growing list of exhibitions that are happy to take money, but not to refund it if work isn't selected.

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