Monday, 30 November 2015

Cyber Monday / Financial Abuse

Today is Cyber Monday. Today, like Friday, in theory I could get a very good deal on a new iMac, but I can't. 
This is because since 2013 I have unwillingly become an unpaid carer for my son, who is suffering from depression.
This is the other reason why I refuse to work for free, and why people working in the arts that do want me to work for free go off to whisper about their unpaid "opportunities" in a corner, and now know that if they even try as much as to paint a clown smile on their "opportunity", they know I can see right through it.

I can't even contemplate purchasing a new iMac, as we're currently awaiting a reconsideration of my son's ESA assessment.

Employment And Support Allowance is meant to be available to help people that can't work. My son can't work. He has a doctor's note to prove this. Yet we were "advised" to apply for JSA.
The letter refusing his ESA payments is dated the day of Granny's funeral.

Last week was a bad week for my son. He became very ill and said he wanted to die. Although he never tells me this - he rang Mum (who is busy enough - she has all of Granny's stuff to sort out, is grieving - again - and has largely been left to do it all on her own.) 

And while we're fighting to get my son the help and support he needs, we can't help her either.

Two weeks ago I applied for two jobs that I didn't get, and finished an illustration competition project.

I could get an Apple Imac for £425 but I'd have to use my overdraft, and I need to keep that for the time being in case the decision goes the wrong way and I'm forced into abject financial abuse by the DWP - AGAIN!

I mean, I'm glad the abuse regarding Tax Credits was reversed, but I'm under attack from all sides now, and still there are those that will say that cuts will happen elsewhere. But there is lots of money for war and poppyganda in the castle that I will be forced to avoid.

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