Thursday, 6 September 2012

upcoming Oslo trip

I haven't posted in here for a while, as I've been working on some self-directed illustration projects, including a graphic novel concept that occurred to me in a dream.

A while ago, I was lucky enough to win a free trip to Norway, courtesy Jo Nesbo's Headhunters film!!
This is 2 return flights, 3 nights at a hotel, and £200 spending money.
I was thinking of going over the summer, but when Apparatjik announced that they were performing a free gig at the brand new opening of the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo, I decided to wait for that.

As you can imagine, this has required a considerable amount of organising.

As it's now term time again, I can't take the kids with me. I was thinking that I need a break from them anyway. It's been extremely stressful getting Kurt through his G.C.S.E. exams, never mind the phone bill incident, but this won't really be a holiday. It counts as work. And requires Mum to babysit for the weekend, so I can go with my brother.

There's an additional exhibition at the Nasjonalmuseet entitled "I Wish This Was A Song" with Apparatjik alongside Oslo Complaints Choir, and other work.

I plan to meet up with friends and illustrators whilst over there, and also take time to do the tourist trail to visit the museums over on Bygdoy.

The Astrup Fearnley Museet is designed by Renzo Piano, and displays a large collection of postmodern art, mainly American, but there's Damien Hirst and a variety of work. The museum was founded by the Astrup Fearnley shipping empire, and intrigued by the similarity, and non-Norskness of the name, I found that the Fearnleys originate from Yorkshire. Which is also where the Dearnley family come from. I also discovered that there was an Ann Fearnley that went by the name of Dearnley, so it wasn't even a joke that I'm probably related to the museum in some spurious way. 

A while ago, I mentioned an issue with an Orange mobile phone scam. Fortunately, things have been quiet on that score, as I successfully prevented them from escalating the problem with "debt collectors". 
On Friday, the problem will be covered on Rip Off Britain, so we're of course hoping it'll be resolved finally, and those of us affected will receive some form of compensation for 2 years of stress and costs. Fingers crossed!

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