Thursday, 3 May 2012

I just thought I might edit Supermarket Jesus so he doesn't get on CEOP's radar! I realised that merely illustrating a dream as it occurred could be controversial with regard to child protection. 

I mean, come to think of it, why on earth was I even helping out a naked guy that looks like Jesus in the dream? Why did no one notice or call the police? That's what would happen in reality, even if Jesus was doing something genuinely useful and otherwise harmless. I read in the news that a paedophile has moved to the village next door to the one I grew up in and is causing great consternation amongst the people of Surfleet in south Lincolnshire. 

My naked Jesus was perfectly innocent in his nudity. He had no intention of doing anything wrong, and couldn't even be considered a paedophile. But I woke up before I probably bought him a good pair of pants!! 

It never occurred to me at the time, following my visit to visit Burghley House, and the nudes in the Heaven and Hell rooms alike that seemed to cause my elderly and infirm Grandma to zoom through them faster than Jenson Button. Her comments of disgust at mere nudity alone painted by Italian artists. But there were plenty of families with kids of all ages visiting for Mother's Day, and most people are familiar with Italian frescos and statues in galleries everywhere with anatomical detail.

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